Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Pet Fair Edition

Visit #806, Saturday 20 July 13, 6:45-9:15AM.  5.4 miles.
Temps in the 80's (at 7AM!) and record setting humidity.

The geese were pissed they weren't invited to the pet fair, so since the bars weren't open yet they gathered at the edge of Mirror Lake to commiserate and plot their revenge. I suggest you wear a hat and park your car in the garage.

The Meriden Rotary Club and the Connecticut Humane Society were hosting a pet fair at Hubbard Park, and a couple events included a 5k road race and a dog walk. I figured at least one of those events would head up the road toward the Castle. If I arrived at the park early enough, I could clean up the road prior to either event. Also, I wanted to avoid the crushing heat and humidity of the current heat wave we're experiencing, and I was on-call so my range was limited.

I walked from the park up the road toward the Castle and turned around just prior to the north end of Merimere Reservoir, cleaning one side of the road, then the other. On the return trip I stopped by the south end of the reservoir to inspect the lock on the gate. A few weeks ago I reported the lock was missing. The Meriden Parks Department received my report and promptly installed a lock. Problem is, it's only been a couple weeks since that time and now the lock hangs uselessly unchained around the gate.

I returned to the park and deposited my first bag of trash.

See the upside down Dunkin' Donuts cup in the trash bag? I found it on top of a stone wall as I headed north. Enroute, I ran into a park regular, Pete. Turns out the cup was his!-he finishes his coffee and leaves the cup on the stone wall, collecting it on the return leg of his walk. Who knew?!

Since the round trip to the reservoir's north end took less than 2 hours, I grabbed another bag and pointed myself west to the trails between West Main Street and I-691. Another out and back loop and I was done, all before the Pet Fair opened. Success.

Next week I break out the chainsaw as I count a minimum of 5 trees across various trails that need removal.

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