Sunday, December 8, 2013

Double Duty

Canadian Geese hang out in Hubbard Park on a quiet Sunday morning.

Visit #835, Saturday 7 December 13, 11:00AM-12:55PM, 5.2 miles.
Temps in the mid-30's, partly sunny.

Visit #836, Sunday 8 December 13, 7:15-9:10AM, 4.0 miles.
Temps in the low teens, overcast.

I was on-call this week therefore limited in my range, so I kept my travels to the trails below Castle Craig.

I hiked a counterclockwise loop. At the Halfway House I found an abandoned backpack. At first I thought it was still useable, but after I arrived home and checked it out I discovered broken hardware and seized, YKK coil zippers. The good thing was, I could salvage some of the still good plastic hardware which I tend to break on my own stuff, and sew it on later if needed.

During Saturday's session, I did a poor job removing a small tree leaning into the Yellow Trail, leaving an unsightly stump, and I also found a hemlock which had fallen into the White Trail, encroaching upon it a bit. I also had something else up my sleeve so I decided I'd return on Sunday and finish my work.

First, my trash haul from Saturday:

Sunday I started early and hiked directly to the tree which was encroaching upon the White Trail. This time I brought a small limbing saw.

Five minute's work and I was done.

Next, I made my way over to the Yellow Trail to remove this unsightly stump I left from yesterday. Below is the "before" picture. The lopping shears I used on Saturday weren't large enough to cut the tree at its base.

So what was "up my sleeve"? At the Soap Box Derby track, someone had tossed a couple concrete-base stanchions down the embankment. If left there, they'd just become junk. I decided to haul them up to the pavement and contact the Meriden Parks Department to take them away. Then I got this bright idea: the yellow fencing which was along this stretch of road has been there well past its useful life. It has long since become an eyesore. Time to remove it and have the Parks Department haul it away as well.  Problem was, all those years trailside allowed vines and thornbushes to weave themselves within the fencing, making removal a %^&$!. Good thing I had the limbing saw with me; without it I would not have been successful.

Back at the park I cleaned up an area outside the fence line where people like to toss their bottles and cans. I stopped when I filled up my bag. I hope to continue in this area next week and complete this special project.


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