Sunday, April 6, 2014

Springtime Housekeeping

Unique find of the week; a frying pan with bullet holes in it.

Visit #858, Thursday 3 April 14, 6:20-7:30PM, 2.7 miles.
Temps in the high 50's, greying skies.

Visit #859, Saturday, 5 April 14, 8:40-11:45AM, 7.2 miles,
Temps in the low 50's, sunny.

During last Saturday's activities, I'd spotted some graffiti that was on a rock I'd previously painted. I stopped by Hubbard Park after work on Thursday and re-covered it.

I unloaded my painting gear and went to work.

I was hoping the gloss and the stripe effect would mellow out once the paint dried. When I checked back on Saturday, it was fine.

Just up the trail was another rock similarly decorated. I covered it as well, but in my haste to beat the daylight, I failed to take a "before" photo.

I hiked a clockwise loop and made it back to the parking lot in the dark. Nevertheless, I managed to pick up some trash during my brief trip.

On Saturday I had the benefit of the assistance of Paul Bernier, who partnered with me to pick up trash and clear some of the trails from fallen trees and branches.

After picking up trash for a few hours you can get a little loopy and the talk always turns toward litterers and trash. It's enough to cause one to, wait for it, MAKE A COMMERCIAL! This was all Paul's idea ;-)

Our route took us from the playground to the north end of Merimere Reservoir via the road. Enroute, we filled 2 bags and left them by the roadside for the parks department to collect later.

At the north end, we consolidated 2 more bags along with a hub cap, and left them as well for Monday collection.

 We picked up the Blue Trail and hiked all the way to Castle Craig, down, then over I-691 and back to the park. Winter had dropped some things across the trails that needed removal, and a chainsaw was called for. Here's a collection of before and after shots.

Back at the park, we dropped off our last bag of trash for the day. Thanks again to Paul Bernier for his company and assistance.

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