Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Missed Anniversary

Ooops. This explains the lack of a report last week.

Visit #870, Friday 16 May 14, 5-7:25PM, 6.3 miles.
Temps in the low 70's, foggy and light rain.

I injured my foot around the time of my last report and have been hobbling around since. I performed some self diagnosis and first concluded I had plantar fasciitis so I gathered up the ice, massage ball, and brace and diligently followed my own treatment regimen. The more I looked into it, the more my diagnosis seemed wrong, and I settled on having a stress fractured foot bone instead. However, I continued with the same treatment and improved my hobbling speed. I decided to test my treatment by venturing into Hubbard Park this week.

Alas, the injury prompted me to miss my 1 year anniversary on this blog with 52 consecutive weeks of posts. Two consecutive weeks off would have been more painful than my foot, so I chose the lessor of the two pains.

Friday's weather, along with the time of day, assured I would have the road to myself as I chose to walk from the park on the road all the way to West Peak. If my foot hurt too much I could easily turn around. West Peak was my goal because on my last visit I spied some graffiti which needed eradication.

By the time I reached the water treatment plant I had enough trash to leave the bag there; I was sure I'd fill another soon enough.

It started to rain just about the time I reached the fork to Castle Craig/West Peak, where I left my second bag of trash. I'll contact the Meriden Parks Department to pick it up.

By the time I reached the parking lot at West Peak it was raining pretty good so I didn't spend a lot of time there and I didn't need to as I already cleaned up the area two weeks ago.

As I began my descent via the Blue Trail, I stopped at the tree which was my main objective.

Time to break out my patented Graffiti Removal From TreesⓇ tool. Literally five minutes later...

Let nature do the rest and it'll fade into gray just nicely.

A little further on, though less visible, was more graffiti from the same can.

What it says is "Go Bak". Perhaps the artist was trying to conserve spray paint by leaving out the "c".

More use of my patented tool, visible in the upper right hand corner.

Down hill was harder on my gimpy foot, but I made it over I-691 and back to the parking lot.

Find of the week-check out this gal's "To Do" list. Some people lead more interesting lives than I do.


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