Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Ever-Changing Trail

The rain held off long enough on Saturday to complete my duties.

Visit #907, Saturday 18 October 14, 8:40-11:05AM, 4.1 miles.
Temps in the 60's, cloudy with developing showers.

After the last 3 weeks with focused agendas, I felt lost as I had no specific intentions for Saturday; just pick up trash. But I'd forgotten that there's always something that makes each outing unique, and provides purpose, and today would be no exception.

When I started my clockwise loop I quickly fell into an unplanned routine of cutting thorn bushes, particularly on the trail behind the bank of daffodils. They grow like the national debt, and it's near impossible to keep up with their progress. Now I was chopping them down at the roots with my hedge clippers and lopping shears.

I reached the White Trail near the parking lot in the northwest corner of Mirror Lake and found a tree had fallen across the trail.

I initially tried to saw it into pieces but this wood was too old, dead, and dry. Instead I managed to pick the tree up and swing it off the trail.

I continued cleaning the trails on the south side of I-691 all the way to the West Main Street end across from Belmont Avenue. It was there I'd found someone dumped a bag full of trash. I cleaned up the area and left 2 bags of trash. I'll contact the Meriden Parkts Department for pickup.

I performed an about face and made my way across I-691 via the walkbridge. Further up the trail just past the wooden walkbridge I found another tree had fallen, with its crown poking into the trail. I trimmed it back, preserving the trail.

I pointed my feet in the direction of the Halfway House and down to Merimere Reservoir, then back to the park, where I deposited my last bag of trash.

I leave you this week with yet another photo showing off the impressive fall colors in Hubbard Park.

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