Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Bernie Jurale Tradition Run

Walkers participating in the Tradition Run head up the hill toward Castle Craig.

Visit #933, Sunday 25 January 15, 10:00-11:30AM, 5.7 miles.
Temps in the mid-30's, partly cloudy with increasing sun.

Saturday saw a fast moving storm system drop a good three inches of white fun in Meriden. That pretty much ensured I won't have to pick up much trash or pick up after Len until the snow is gone. Wanting to maintain the consistency of my blog and of my activities in Hubbard Park, I chose to wait until Sunday and participate in the Bernie Jurale Tradition Run instead.

I left with the walking group which had to be 75 strong, and departed at 10AM. Despite the label, many took off at a run anyway, which made me wonder why they didn't wait until 10:30AM and participate with the running group?

Conditions weren't as tough as could be for January but credit goes to anyone that goes for a walk outside in the winter. Or for that matter, anyone that does  ANYTHING outside in January!

The participation overall was incredible in my eyes. Parking overflowed to every available spot and then some.

The collective of walking finishers at the top was quite a crowd. The runners were yet to arrive.

I didn't stick around, and immediately turned left after "The End" and hiked the trail down. I wondered whether any of the walkers would follow, but considering I saw no one but myself equipped with the proper footwear, it explained why my trip back to registration via the trails was solo. Too bad, because winter on the trails is nice and quiet.

Enroute, I fulfilled my trash duties for the week with this find:

Passing the start line, I found this crampon which had apparently fallen off someone's running shoe. They obviously didn't read my blog entry recommendation for REAL crampons; ones that will stay on your shoes. I wore my Stabilicer's today and received more than one expression of envy. Follow my blog and listen to the voice of experience, boys and girls!


  1. Awesome blog. Thanks for keeping the trails clean.

  2. You're welcome, and glad you enjoy the blog. Stay tuned!