Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Is Upon Us

Just a little celebration; who'd a thunk I'd reach 100 posts?!

Visit #947, Saturday 11 April 15, 4:40-7:10PM, 4.9 miles.
Temps in the 50's, sunny.

Visit #948, Sunday 12 April 15, 4:00-4:30PM, mileage n/a.
Temps in the mid-60's, sunny.

Last week as I began walking up toward Merimere Reservoir from the parking lot, I noticed some new graffiti on the wooden fencing surrounding the retention ponds. I planned on removing it this week, then patrolling some trails in the far reaches of Hubbard Park to check for downed limbs and trees.

Apparently I wasn't paying attention because there was a lot more graffiti than I originally thought, and it took up a valuable 45 minutes of my time, so I had to change plans.

As I started at the parking lot, I noticed the gate across the Soap Box Derby Track was unlocked. I don't know if it was for Daffodil Festival preparations or vandalism. I'll inform the Meriden Parks Department and let them decide.

I reached the retention ponds and the graffiti I discovered last week.

"JK" went "bye-bye" with a combination of a wire brush and 60 grit sandpaper.

Any remnants should fade away nicely.

Of course, I then noticed all the other graffiti I wasn't paying attention to last week. I went to town with the sandpaper and wire brush. Here are the Before and After photos.

If you can't make out what the graffit is, they're cartoonish characters. From the sheer number of them, you can see why it took 45 minutes to remove them all.

At that point I hadn't even reached Merimere Reservoir, so I amended my itinerary and chose to scout out the rest of the trails below Castle Craig.

Enroute to the Halfway House, I discovered Len has come out of his winter hibernation and is again placing pieces of wood across the trails.

Past the Halfway House, on the Main Trail, my eagle eyes spotted my first Find of the Week resting on a log.

They were merely drug store "cheaters" so not much money was lost.

Crossing over I-691 I steered myself toward the trail which ends across the street from Belmont Avenue, where I discovered my second Find of the Week.

Is it still a Selfie if I use a mirror?

This discarded tag sale item even retained the price sticker, $12. I'll contact the Meriden Parks Department and ask them to pick it up.

Moving along back toward the park, while stepping off-trail to pick up some trash I found a letterbox.

Returning to the parking lot, I dropped off my trash for the week.

I returned to Hubbard Park on Sunday afternoon by mountain bike to inspect the trails I didn't reach on Saturday due to the graffiti diversion.

I entered the park from the Berlin side. On my ride up toward West Peak, I counted 72 people walking up the road, which is amazing. It makes you wonder how many more people would take up such exercise if vehicle access was more restricted.

 I also counted 5 ATVs  and one dirt bike as they left Castle Craig.

I also came upon the two gentlemen below, illegally fishing in Merimere Reservoir. Yes; spring is upon us...

As I was taking the picture, one remarked to the other that I was photographing them, whereupon one of them remarked loudly, "Fucking faggot!" When I asked which one of them said that, they feigned ignorance. I would have contacted the police but I don't carry a cellphone and there was no license plate on the scooter. I figured taking the photo would be enough to scare them away; when I returned to the spot roughly 20 minutes later, they were gone.

Why is it us lycra-clad cyclists are all considered fags by the general population-superheroes wear tight outfits and no one calls THEM faggots; at least not to their faces!

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