Sunday, July 26, 2015

Graffiti Weekend Part III

It was a beautifully dry and cool morning in Hubbard Park. The flag was at half mast in memory of the Marines and sailor shot in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Visit #964, Saturday 25 July 15, 6:45-8:15AM, 4.9 miles.
Temps in the high 60's, dry and comfortable.

Last week, while covering over graffiti I found, I walked right by some graffiti and completely failed to notice it. One of the park "regulars" told me about it, and it became my mission this week to put the last of the tagging to bed.

You can see from the gray paint that I'd previously painted over other graffiti. Gotta get my eyeglasses checked...

I thought I'd be able to complete this task early in the morning while everyone else was in bed, but it turns out there are other early risers taking to walking the road. As one couple walked by they thanked me for my work and suggested I should be eligible for a "volunteer pension". I like that idea!

Done with the painting, I returned to my truck, unloaded the paint tools, and turned around.

I was on-call so I stuck nearby, covering just the trails below Castle Craig.

I picked up the Soap Box Derby track and discovered Len is back at work, blocking the trails.

I haven't decided whether to use the chainsaw or comealong on this. Either way, it's on next week's agenda.

On one of the lower sections of the Yellow Trail I encountered a small tree which has been bent over for quite a few weeks, poking into the trail. It's the reason I brought my bow saw.

I cut it at the base and dragged it away.

 I made my way over I-691 via the walkbridge and to the trailhead at West Main Street, where I came upon my Find of the Week.

Room temp, but intact. No, I didn't drink it because I don't drink but even if I did, a beer at 8AM?! I don't think so.

Speaking of early morning imbibing, earlier this week I got on my mountain bike and rode through Hubbard Park at 6AM. On the return trip home, I rounded the corner from Perkins Square onto East Main Street and watched a young woman, at 6:30AM, sitting on a doorstep ROLLING A JOINT. I'm told this is called a "wake and bake". Supposedly smoking pot makes some people more alert. Okay...I'm hard pressed to buy that.

Anyway, walking back to Hubbard Park I picked up the remnants of some hopefully discreet entertainment-

I dropped off my trash for the week.

But my entertainment wasn't over yet. Just as I was leaving in my vehicle, driving past Mirror Lake, I watched a young angler having trouble landing a fish. Intrigued, I pulled over and watched the fight.

I didn't get the young man's name, but he landed a verified 13-14lb. carp. He released it to feed and fight another day.

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