Sunday, September 27, 2015


This guy and his dog had the right idea on a quiet Sunday morning, walking across the north end of Merimere Reservoir under perfect weather.

Visit #974, Sunday 27 September 15, 7:45-1000hrs, 5.0 miles.
Temps in the low 60's, sunny and dry.

I returned to Hubbard Park this week to fulfill last week's promise to remove a tree which had fallen across the Blue Trail leading to West Peak.

In hiking a clockwise loop to reach the fallen tree, I encountered this bent over tree. I've run into them too many times in the recent past with no obvious reason why they would be bent like this. I really think someone is being malicious.

Fortunately, today I packed my chainsaw and easily removed it.

 I took the walkbridge over I-691 to the Blue Trail and the fallen tree. The job didn't take but a few minutes and the trail was restored.

 I then doubled back and hiked another trail up to the fork to East/West Peak. After walking the road UP for the past several weeks I was looking forward to some enjoyable payback and walking the road DOWN.

First Find of the Week was the remnants of a wedding.

Another reason I wanted to walk the road for the umpteenth consecutive week was, I rode my bike up the road during the week and noticed unusually large amounts of trash accumulated in the space of a week. Since the road was going to be open later than usual on Sunday for night viewing of a full moon and lunar eclipse, I thought it would be nice to try and make the road look presentable.

One strange item I found was an empty bottle of liquid laundry soap.

Another was my second Find of the Week:

Yes, florescent light bulbs. I fashioned a carrying strap from a piece of rope and prayed I wouldn't break them while carrying them.

I dropped them off along with a large bag of trash at the water treatment plant.

This little buddy was enjoying some warm pavement.

Back at the park, I dropped off my second bag of trash.

It's now 9:30PM and I'm heading outside to watch the lunar eclipse myself!

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