Sunday, October 18, 2015

Channeling My Inner Norm Abram

Visit #978, Saturday 17 October 15, 3:15-5:45PM, 3.5 miles.
Temps in the 50's, sunny and dry.

A couple weeks ago, while trawling the trails, I discovered some sticky fingers had pried a couple boards apart at the Halfway House. This week I wanted to repair the damage.

I hiked a clockwise loop, over I-691. I brought a full complement of trail pruning tools because one particular trail was experiencing an overgrowth of thorn bushes. Somewhere along the way, between trimming and picking up trash, my wristwatch fell off, never to be found. I wasn't too surprised because the watchband had separated a couple times recently. I think I lost it climbing over a fence to retrieve some trash. This required a trip to Target after Saturday's session. Good thing I don't wear expensive watches.

You think losing a watch is bad-how about losing THIS:

Yes, that's right folks; someone lost their briefs. I no longer wonder why employers can't find qualified workers-if they can't remember their underwear they probably can't remember how to do their jobs, either. My lost watch pales in comparison.

I trudged onward, reaching the Halfway House. I spread out my suite of tools and set to work.

Screws were spaced 8" apart, 7/16" from the edge. Eight screws on each of two sides. Should be a little more secure than those brads. I've done this before on another one of the pillars and it's still holding up fine.

Finished, I took a few minutes to enjoy the foliage and the view of Castle Craig from inside the Halfway House.

I headed back toward the park but I was starting to bonk. Pete needed food. I dropped off my trash bag and staggered over toward the bandshell...

...because as luck would have it, there was a food truck festival going on in Hubbard Park and when I finished at 5:45PM, it was still in progress. So...

I steered toward the highest calorie, highest cholesterol item I could find, the Poutine.

Burp! Now it's naptime!

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