Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why Get Up So Early?

The Sunday morning sun awakes the sleeping giant. That is, Sleeping Giant State Park, seen in the background.

Visit #1009, Sunday 10 April 16, 6:05-7:45AM, 2.9 miles.
Temps in the 30's, sunny.

I had to be nuts to get up so early to fulfill my weekly duties in Hubbard Park. But why?

Paris-Roubaix, that's why!

The most storied of the European spring classic bicycle races was today and to catch the live internet feed, I would have to be home by 9AM. Therefore, sacrifices were made.

Last week I wrote about the lock at the gate near the south end of Merimere reservoir and how it's constantly being cut by ATVers looking to ride on the trails. This week I saw proof of the problem.

I walked the road from the park up past the water treatment plant, to the south end of the reservoir. Just about the time I reached the gate a 6:15 in the morning, an ATV with a driver and passenger comes roaring up the road and turns at the gate. It was obvious to me from the driver's behavior that the driver KNEW the gate was unlocked. I watched the driver nudge the gate open with the ATV and proceed up the trail, riding a wheelie as they went. You can just barely see them in the background of the photo.

The lock hasn't been replaced since I discovered it was cut last week and of course, now the pin is missing.

What I DID find however, is the cut hasp from the lock.

I thought I might run into the ATV riders at the Halfway House but they apparently continued on.

At the Halfway House I found the remains of what must have been a planned get together for they had the forethought to bring lighter fluid for the campfire.

Included in the trash was the remains of another destroyed letterbox, much like the one found last week. It's sad people can't leave them alone, much less damage them.

I hiked west and over I-691. At the trailhead across from Belmont Avenue, I spied something which had gone unnoticed for some time.

In last week's post I wanted to show options on how to construct a tamper-resistant lock but struggled to find any on the internet. Lo and behold, there's one already in service right in Meriden. This one needs to have a longer shield around the lock so boltcutters can't reach the hasp. In some designs they merely place the locking mechanism closer to the ground so the bolt cutters can't get a good angle on the lock. The sky's the limit with how they can be constructed.

I turned around and walked back toward the park.  In short succession I picked up two Dunkin' Donuts cups, where I continue to marvel and how much cream and sugar people add to their coffee.

I believe this one is Pistachio Swirl coffee.

Enroute, I stopped to clean up the small parking area at the northwest corner of Mirror Lake where I collected my Find of the Week.

Okay, a show of hands-how many of you have ever forgotten to put your underwear back on? Ferris? Anyone?!

I beat feet back to the parking lot where I deposited my trash for the week and skeedaddled home to watch the world's best cyclists do battle on the cobblestones of northern France, then to take a nap and catch up on that lost sleep.

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