Sunday, May 15, 2016

What If They Had A War With No Mess?

Visit #1014, Saturday 14 May 16, 9:40-11:40AM, 3.2 miles.
Temps in the low 60's, sunny.

A short session this week because I was on-call.

I walked a counterclockwise loop and stopped at the Halfway House fully expecting to rake up the area after the Daffodil Festival fireworks, where every year debris from the fireworks litters the area. They were supposedly held on Saturday, 30 April, when the weather was sunny. But when I arrived on the spot, it was pretty much already clean! I was pleasantly surprised and mostly unemployed. While there was a little debris, it didn't warrant raking, just a little policing. I felt like the investment I made in a cool, collapsible rake, was squandered. I bought it for this specific purpose and the opportunity to use it was stolen from me; WAH!

That's  a new one; complaining because I don't have to work...

I moved on, heading toward and over I-691. I walked to the Belmont Avenue trailhead then turned around and walked the main trail back. It was beginning to look like I wouldn't have anything interesting to report or photograph.

My luck changed, as I walked by a connecting trail I discovered a fallen tree across it.

This means I have a photo to post AND get to use manly power tools of destruction next week to remove it. Yeah!

This put a spring in my step as I returned to the parking lot to drop of the week's trash bag.

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