Sunday, December 18, 2016


You can barely see Castle Craig through the fog.

Visit 1051, Sunday 18 December 16, 12:30-1:30PM, 2.5 miles.
Temps rising into the 50's with rain, the day after a 5" snowfall. As a result, very foggy.

I certainly didn't expect to find much litter with a snowy ground cover, but you'll never know what you'll find unless you go out there, so I did.

Looks like the ATV's enjoyed some time in Hubbard Park during Saturday's snowstorm.

The weather kept away the vast majority of people; I didn't see a soul at the playscape or on the trails. But it was obvious from evidence that there are many people who enjoy hiking in Hubbard Park regardless of the conditions.

Pal Dave and I have been talking about a tree on the Main Trail which fell several years ago and got hung up in trees on the opposite side of the trail, making it a "Widow Maker". We've been considering how feasible it would be to drop it. I figure it's not worth the risk, and I'll wait until Mother Nature brings it down to remove it.

I crossed over I-691 and walked the main trail back toward Hubbard Park. I did manage to find a couple cans and a few pieces of paper.

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