Sunday, June 18, 2017

Being Lazy

A humid, foggy blanket hung lazily over Meriden on Saturday. Sunday was more of the same.

Visit #1084, Saturday 17 June 17, 1:45-3:25PM, 2.1 miles.
Temps in the 70's, humid/light rain.

I was on-call so I couldn't stray far on foot. In my enforced laziness, I drove up to West Peak. Last week, Paul Bernier and I had discovered some trees on the Blue Trail near West Peak which needed some attention, so I brought my chainsaw along.

First order of business was to remove a couple trees which appear to have been "Coloradoed", or at least the Hubbard Park version. These are the 15th and 16th trees I've found like this.

I didn't expect they'd re-root themselves, so I cut them off at their bases.

About 200 yards further down the Blue Trail, a large tree had fallen creating a trail bottleneck.

I removed just enough of the trunk to restore the trail to full-width.

I executed an about face and returned to my van. I dropped off the chainsaw and shifted into trash collection mode. I cleaned up the area around West Peak and the parking lot. Then I drove my on-call/lazy self over to Castle Craig to do the same.

About the time I arrived it started to rain lightly. While picking up trash around the parking lot, a wedding party arrived to take photos at Castle Craig. During the photo shoot the wedding party broke out into a round of "Stolat!". Being of Polish descent myself, I recognized the song. I didn't join in because I wasn't dressed for the party, however ;-) .

For the interested, here's the song:

It was while cleaning up the Castle Craig area that I came upon 2 "Finds of the Week".

I didn't dare go looking for the Cinderella that belonged to these slippers; she'd be in for quite a shock at the prince who found them!

Looks like someone wasn't so enamored of the their job at Burger King.

I finished cleaning up the area, and unlike the Meriden FIre Department employee who couldn't be bothered with taking a bag of trash from Castle Craig, lazy me put the bag in my van and drove it home so Castle Craig would look a little neater.

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