Saturday, May 25, 2013

Channeling Chuck Norris

Visit #799, Saturday 25 May 13, 7:55-10:20AM, 3.9 miles
Temps in the high 40's, raw with light rain.

I was going to awe you this week with how tough I am by performing my weekly duties in the rain. But, like Chuck Norris, I'm so tough that rain fears me. Well, almost.

Need a refresher course on Chuck Norris? Look no further:

How Tough Is Chuck Norris?

See, by the time I stepped out of my truck at Hubbard Park, the steady rain had eased vs. stopped completely. I'm working on it.

I was on-call and couldn't stray far from my truck. I planned this week to stick to the trails on the south side of I-691. With the rain weighting down the foliage, it would be a good opportunity to prune back branches and such.

Trails like this:

Are easier to navigate now:

And so it went. Snip, trim, cut.

After navigating the trails, I walked the Soap Box Derby Track toward the retention ponds and found this mallard channeling his own Chuck Norris, braving the rain.

Frequently, I'll find those tiny ziplock bags used to package illicit drugs, although I've yet to find any with printing on them or with cocaine residue inside. This week was no exception:

My trash for the week:

Happy Memorial Day!

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