Sunday, May 19, 2013


I've been a cyclist for over 35 years. I started mountain biking in 1984, during the sport's infancy, and cut my teeth on the trails in Hubbard Park.

All was well in Hubbard Park until 1998, when some eco-terrorist wannabe started blocking the trails with branches, logs, and rocks, making them impassable. This was occurring on an almost daily basis.

For 10 years I made it my personal mission to keep the trails clear of this vandal's work. In 2008 the Meriden Conservation Commission began an Adopt A Park program to help maintain the city's parks. I volunteered to adopt Hubbard Park so I could bring attention to the city's leaders what was occurring on the trails.

In 2011 I purchased 2 surveillance cameras and caught on video the man responsible. He was charged and plead guilty in March 2013. Since his arrest in 2011, the trails have remained clear.

Even though I've achieved my goal, I continue to maintain the park's trails on an almost weekly basis. To discontinue my work would be selfish and I owe a debt of gratitude to the City of Meriden for their assistance in putting a halt to this crime.

This blog is a continuation of the weekly reports I have been filing with various city authorities since 2008.

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