Sunday, August 25, 2013

Anti-Vandalism Vandalism?

Visit #816, Sunday 25 August 13, 8:40-11:45AM, 7.7 miles.
Temps in the 70's, sunny, dry, and wickedly pleasant.
In last week's post, I proudly reported how I covered over a large mural painted on the water tank within 24 hours of the vandalism appearing. I figured I saved the city some time and money with my "good deed". I guess I was wrong.

My grey paint job must have been as offensive as the original graffiti because Meriden Water Department personnel painted over MY anti-vandalism work between Monday and Thursday with water tank matching blue paint. How do I know it was the water department that did the deed? I met "park regular" George on Sunday who told me someone from the water department stopped him one day last week and asked if he knew who painted the water tank grey. George gave him the low-down on me and the graffiti and that was that. I think the Meriden Water Department should be reading my blog, then they'd be
better informed. ;-)

I didn't think my paint job was unsightly but I guess the water department thought otherwise. I promise not to help keep the water tank clear of graffiti anymore.

This week I needed to clear a hemlock from a trail so I carried my chainsaw with me. My route followed the road from the  park almost to West Peak, then down a trail which parallels the road to the Castle, meeting back up with the road at the bottom of the climb.

I picked up trash along the road and deposited my first 2 bags of trash along the roadside of the climb.

I started another bag and, along with some garbage I found in bags stashed in the woods, deposited 3 more bags on the roadside just before reaching the parking lot at West Peak.

The trail I planned to hike down, and to my objective, is seen on the right.

I found my fallen hemlock and promptly cleared it from the trail.

Once I met up with the road again, I walked the road all the way back to the park and collected my last bag of trash. Enroute, I was stopped twice by people asking directions to the Castle. Both were thrilled when I handed them maps with the marked trails on them.

There is still more chainsaw work to do on the trails. Expect to read about it in the upcoming weeks.

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