Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Labors

Visit #817, Sunday 1 September 13, 9:30AM-1:15PM, 6.9 miles.
Temps in the 80's, cloudy, with humidity over 80%.

The humidity made this the 2nd "sweatfest" of the season. I received a report last week of a fallen hemlock across a trail and, along with some unfinished work, wanted to bring the chainsaw and take care of it all in one shot.

The Red Dot trail parallels the road to the Castle on the eastern side of the road, and that was where my first objective was. I took the walkbridge over the highway and it was a long trek uphill to the start of the trail.

Once on the Red Dot it was all downhill to the reservoir where I not only found the tree of report but another one as well.





Off the trail and back onto the road, I was amazed at the amount of trash I'd collected in such a relatively short hike on particularly lightly used trails. I had to drop my first trash bag at the north end of the reservoir and start a second bag:

I performed some other "freebie" chainsaw work on the Blue Trail from Hubbard Park to the Chamberlain Highway then did an about face and returned to the park.

I then pointed myself back toward the park proper via the road. The Meriden Parks Department apparently trimmed back the brush from the roadside, which revealed a lot of hidden trash. I didn't even reach halfway back to the park when I had to leave my second bag of trash, in a cooler I'd found abandoned in the brush as well.

I filled my third and last bag by the time I reached the playground.

While there, I noticed the lower tiered water fountain has a plugged drain.

With my labor done, it was time to enjoy the rest of my Labor Day holiday. I hope you enjoy yours as well!

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