Sunday, September 22, 2013

Not "Nipped" in the Bud


Fall colors are just emerging. View from the north end of Merimere Reservoir.

Visit #822, Sunday 22 September 13, 9:10-11:15AM, 2.4 miles. Temps in the low 70's, clearing skies after overnight and morning rain.

I thought for sure I'd be able to sleep in today and have a pass on my weekly duties since it was still raining at 4AM. But the morning light pushed in a high pressure front and cleared the area, leaving me few excuses.

Last week's report found me walking from the Castle down the road to the sharp bend at the bottom. This week I started at the park and walked the road to meet where I left off last week.

During my sessions in the park, I often notice trends, patterns, or habits of people as judged by the trash they leave. One that sticks in my mind is, when I walk the road I often find those small bottles of alcohol called "nips". Too many times I decide I'll count the number I pick up only to forget my decision and lose track. I also suspect dear reader, that you'd probably not believe what I tell you.

So this week I came up with another of my brilliant ideas and photographed every nip bottle I found. So, for your weekly entertainment, here's my collection from walking the road roughly half way from the park to the Castle...

I'm inclined to believe, by the number of Smirnoff bottles that they originated from the same person, but I'm not paying for DNA testing to prove my theory.

By the time I reached the turnaround point, I'd collected a heavy bag of trash.

Since the road was open, I left it there and retrieved it with my car after I returned to the park. I opened another bag and walked back to the park, picking up trash from the opposite side of the road as I did last week.

Back at the park, I deposited my second bag of trash, then headed back up the road in my car to collect the first bag, nipping in the bud any possibility of people being offended by the sight of a bag of garbage on the side of the road. BA DA BUM!

Fall is here so get out and enjoy the perfect temperatures.

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