Sunday, January 26, 2014

Amusing Myself

A cold day awaits the runners at tomorrow's Tradition Run.

With the cold weather and snow covering the ground, I didn't expect much traffic or litter on the trails so I walked the road to Castle Craig to  make sure it was clean prior to tomorrow's Tradition Run. Light snow with maybe 1" accumulation was forecast for Saturday night, and Sunday's temps would be in the 20's. The results will be a lot of runners' and walkers' stories for those that braved the weather to participate.

Obviously, I wasn't going to find much trash myself, so I used the opportunity to amuse myself with a couple minor graffiti/housekeeping chores in the back of my book. I stopped at the hardware store and bought a couple cans of spray paint.

I've participated in the Tradition Run before and can testify that the last pitch is a brutal slog.

At Castle Craig, I followed the trail down and tended to my first piece of graffiti.

Even within this semi-sheltered area the wind was gusting pretty stiffly, directing my paint other than where it needed to go. While it looks glossy in the photo, it should dry flat.

I followed the trails to the walkbridge over I-691 and tackled the last couple spots of graffiti on my agenda.

Update: in last week's post I dragged a piece of highway garbage back to the park and mistakenly thought it was picked up later the same day. I was wrong. I'll report its presence to the Meriden Parks Department and ask them to pick it up.

My piddly small bag of trash for the week:

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