Sunday, February 2, 2014

That's Cool

The Blue Trail heading east toward Castle Craig.

Visit #848, Sunday 2 February 14, 11:00AM-1:00PM, 4.8 miles.
Temps in the mid-40's, clouding up.

Just when I think I'll have nothing of interest to write about, I'm pleasantly surprised.

Snow, muddy trails, low temps; I didn't expect to collect much trash. I'd planned a loop from the playground up to Castle Craig and back via  the walkbridge over I-691.

On the Blue Trail a few hundred yards from Castle Craig I discovered a tree has fallen across the trail. I expect to remove it next week. 

After I reached Castle Craig I began my descent; that's when I was pleasantly surprised.

From behind me I heard the voice of a young woman saying, "That's cool-do you have another bag?"

I gave her a bag, offered her a pair of work gloves, and we agreed to take separate routes back to the park so as to maximize our impact. Now THAT'S COOL.

I didn't want to frighten her off so I wasn't so bold as to ask her name or take her picture.

I hope I meet more people like her.

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