Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kickin' Back

Visit #960, Saturday 27 June 15, 12:00-4:00PM, 6.9 miles.
Temps in the low 70's, with rain expected to begin late in the afternoon.

During the week I called a trusted informant who frequents Hubbard Park to see if any of the trails suffered tree damage as a result of last week's storm. I was told the trails were clear, which saved a lot of time on my part inspecting them for fallen trees and branches.

 The same source told me there was a lot of trash in both the West Peak and Castle Craig parking lots. Now I had an agenda.

Early Saturday morning, 6:30AM in fact, I struck out on my mountain bike to ride in Hubbard Park and check out some other trails for storm damage. While the trails were clear, I found what would be my Find of the Week near the radio towers at West Peak. That firmed up the route I'd take today.

From the parking lot I walked to Merimere Reservoir and picked up the trails to Castle Craig. At the Castle, I cleaned up the parking lot and surrounding area and left my first bag of trash.

I then walked the road to West Peak to retrieve that Find of the Week.

This must be someone's idea of "kicking back in Hubbard Park".

The early morning mountain bike ride paid off because seeing what I was up against I knew what to bring with me to make moving this recliner easier.

Just like last week, I used my handy-dandy comealong strap to assist.

I engaged in a little "Anytime Fitness" workout, performing a loooong set of cable rows.

This was easier than just plain dragging the recliner as it kept the chair from toppling over.
After roughly 200 feet, I reached the parking lot. I gave my second bag of trash a comfortable perch.

I then proceeded to clean up the parking lot, depositing a third bag of trash in the same cushy spot.

At this point it was starting to rain oh so lightly, as you can see in the above photo.

Shortly thereafter I came upon my second Find of the Week.

Looks like Nicholas (I redacted his last name and address) is making the rounds of our judicial system. Note how the names of the Wheeler Clinic employees lack last names; I guess some of the pre-trial intervention-ees have a habit of taking action against their intervention-ers. Good luck Nick; hope you remembered your first appointment!

Hiking down from West Peak, I reached the wooden walkbridge only to discover Find of the Week #3.

When I found envelope addressed to "Jon" I thought for sure I'd find a Dear John letter. Fortunately I, and Jon, had a happier ending.

Reaching the walkbridge over I-691, I discovered as I predicted, that one of the two American Flags affixed to the fencing, has been stolen. We'll see if the remaining flag survives until July 4th.

Back at the park I deposited my 4th bag of trash.

With the July 4th holiday directly in front of us please remember; safety first!

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