Sunday, June 7, 2015


Park an antique automobile around Mirror Lake in Hubbard Park, add a little Photoshop, and you're taken back in time...

Visit #957, Sunday 7 June 15, 9:40AM-12:00PM, 4.4 miles.
Temps in the mid-70's, perfectly sunny and dry.

I didn't have any great plans for today, but something always makes my outings interesting, such as the car above.

I threw some tools in my backpack on an idyllic day to cut down a very skinny tree which I thought was leaning too much over the Green Trail. Of the three trees on the left, it was the worst of the bunch.

No Photoshop was involved in THIS photo, just a bow saw and some elbow grease.

I then hiked over to the Halfway House where I found someone had stockpiled some wood for their campfire but didn't use all of it.

That wasn't the only thing that was er,  hot at the Halfway House.

Okay now...

I hiked some of the lower trails, pruning and picking up trash as I went. Pointing toward the walkbridge over I-691, I wondered whether I'd find the American flags attached to the fencing. One is displayed above the east bound lanes, the other over the west bound lanes. You see, I've been finding them there for several years, always attached around Memorial Day by some person I've never seen. They usually last until about the Fourth of July. Either they're stolen or burned by then.

I was not disappointed.

I pointed myself back toward the park where I deposited my trash.

Here's a teaser of my planned work for next week's episode. Hint: It involves a chainsaw.

Until then, maintain.

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