Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Gate Problem

The late afternoon view northeast from West Peak.

Visit #968, Sunday 23 August 15, 5:10-7:15PM, 4.8 miles.
Temps in the 80's, sunny and very humid.

I was dripping sweat in today's late season muggy weather.

I hadn't been up to West Peak in a while so I chose to hike a clockwise route up to there and clean the area and the parking lot.

Enroute, I discovered several pieces of new graffiti, all duplicates of each other. Someone went to considerable effort to make the stencils to express their love for Raye. Raye should enjoy it while she can because next week's task will be to erase her lover's work.

I reached West Peak, tidied up the area, then hiked down past the Halfway House and walked the road back to the park.

Well, the "Gate Problem" I referred to in the title regards a recent article in the Record Journal about people oblivious to the closing time for the road to Castle Craig and West Peak, despite multiple signs posted at the gate. The gate is closed, they get stuck behind it, and wind up paying a fine. One particular carload of people made their mistake even more interesting.

My work Sunday would lead me to the gate at just about closing time. I was curious to see what I would find.

I reached the gate at 7:10PM, 10 minutes after IT SHOULD BE CLOSED (P.S. My watch is set to atomic clock time and I'm only 5 seconds ahead.) yet the gate was still open and people were STILL DRIVING UP TO THE CASTLE AND WEST PEAK! I wished I could have hung around for the ensuing entertainment...

I dropped of my trash for the week, making sure I was on the right side of the gate...

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