Sunday, January 10, 2016

Putting the "New" in the New Year

A skin of ice covers Merimere Reservoir, despite the 40 degree temps.

Visit #996, Saturday 9 January 16, 9:10-11:10AM, 4.8 miles.
Temps in the 40's, mostly cloudy.

Colder temperatures earlier this week were probably what enabled that ice skin to form over the reservoir, but it won't last long if these temps continue. Sunday's forecast was for rain and 50 degrees.

So what's new?

First was the continued trimming of the roadside around Merimere Reservoir. The work of multiple city departments working in cooperation has almost reached the spillway at the north end of Merimere Reservoir, and I took the opportunity Saturday to check on their progress. I received a call from a regular Hubbard Park hiker informing me on their gains as they trim vegetation  on both sides of the road. Feedback from those that walk the road regularly continues to be positive.

At the very north end, I discovered the newest addition to the Season of the Missing Glove.

The trimming has revealed features such as this stone wall, built oh so long ago. Truly a work of skilled labor.

After picking up the glove, I turned around and headed south, back toward the park. At the south end of Merimere Reservoir I picked up the trails and hiked over to the walkbridge over I-691.

On the way I stopped to check out the new flag atop Castle Craig, which was reported to me last week as being in tatters.

Sorry for the distant photo. I was on-call and trekking to the Castle was slightly out of bounds this week. Maybe next week. Thanks to Chris Bourdon and Mark Zebora of the Meriden Parks Department who both responded they would quickly replace the flag.

It was while walking on the trail back toward the park that I discovered yet something else I THINK was new.

I, and my sometimes assistant Paul Bernier, walked this trail in the opposite direction last week and didn't spot this decorated tree, which was roughly in the same spot I found the geocache. Either we missed it altogether, or it was decorated AFTER Christmas, which is a clear violation of style and good taste.

This tree reminds me of the Christmas tree I found at Echo Point several weeks ago. In typical Grinchy style, I stripped it of all ornamentation and returned to Mount Crumpit from Whoville, where I deposited my bag of presents er, I mean trash.

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