Sunday, July 10, 2016

It's Tour Time!

Visit #1024, Sunday 10 July 16, 7:15-8:45AM, 3.6 miles.
Temps in the 70's, cloudy and humid with a chance of rain.

I was on-call this week so I didn't stray far but more importantly, the Tour de France was being contested this week! My early start was  geared to be done in time to go home and watch Stage 8 while it was in progress, about 11AM local time.

I chose to walk a counterclockwise loop of the lower trails. As soon as I started I discovered some graffiti I missed during last week's work. There are those pesky initials "JK" again.

I wasn't carrying any paint with me so I decided to file this away for next week's work.

Everything was going along just wonderfully until I came to the wooden walkbridge.

This is the 11th tree in 4 years which I have found deliberately bent over. People have some strange behaviors...  I'm definitely returning next week to remove this one.

I finished my loop and dropped off my bag of trash for the week.

But that graffiti was bugging me as I had so little to blog about. So, I returned the same day and spray painted over it.

That will dry to a flat finish and be indistinguishable from the rest of the gate.

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