Sunday, July 17, 2016

Into the Frying Pan

The local goose and duck population hang out under some shade in the early morning. Temps are expected to top 90 degrees today.

Visit #1025, Saturday 16 July 16, 7:40-9:50AM, 3.9 miles. Sunny, hot, and humid.

Two reasons for my early start today: I wanted to avoid the heat, and the Tour de France is still on!

Last week I found a tree forcibly bent over a trail. This week I wanted to remove it.

When I packed this morning I had a feeling there was some graffiti I'd forgotten to cover but since I wasn't sure, I decided to pack every color spray paint I had, just in case. Good thing.

I reached the walkbridge over I-691 and while this graffiti wasn't on my mind, equipped with the paint I could take care of it.

Up the trail I went, over the wooden walkbridge to the tree. In the past week it appears someone pulled the tree completely to the ground vs. when I found it last week.

It took me longer to pack and unpack the saw than it did to cut the tree free. Keep an eye on the slender tree next to it. I wouldn't be surprised if that one falls victim to whoever is bending these trees.

I then took the trail up to the road between East and West Peak, and down back to the park. I wanted to see if the Meriden Highway Department had filled in the potholes I marked. No. I'll supply a gentle reminder to the city.

Walking down the road I discovered the water department finally repaired the gate with the cut lock which I discovered back in April.

I returned to the park and dropped off my trash for the week.

While doing so, a park "regular" commented to me that the water fountain outside the playscape is not working. A working water fountain is especially important during such hot weather. I'll pass the information along to the Meriden Parks Department and hopefully they can fix it fast.

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