Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hubbard Park Special Projects Unit

The Hubbard Park Special Projects Unit monitors all the airwaves in Hubbard Park from it's West Peak not so covert station!

Visit #1033, Saturday 3 September 16, 10:40AM-12:00PM, mileage n/a.
Temps in the 70's, sunny and dry.

Visit #1034, Sunday 4 September 16, 9:00-10:40AM, 3.5 miles.
Temps in the 70's, sunny and dry.

Although not exclusively dedicated to holidays, I try to activate the Special Projects Unit on holidays for, you guessed it-special projects! During this Labor Day weekend, I wanted to paint over graffiti I found recently on West Peak.

Since I was on-call this weekend, I drove up to West Peak instead of the usual hike. I kitted up in coveralls and walked out to the rocks.

This relatively new tag is what triggered the idea to give the rocks a makeover.

Seems there's a dispute as to who owns the world. From the text, I'd guess it's a Republican vs. a Democrat! Regardless, there is no disputing this has got to go.

The work went faster than expected and didn't use as much paint as I anticipated. I wasn't shooting for complete coverage, but good enough.

Done with that, I returned to the van and dropped off the painting equipment, then grabbed a trash bag and cleaned up the surrounding area and the West Peak parking lot.

On Sunday morning I returned to Hubbard Park for more of the usual policing of the trails. I stuck to the trails on the south side of I-691.

One Find of the Week was this key which I found exactly as you see it.  I imagine whoever placed it there hoped the owner would return to find it.

As I left the park on Saturday, I spied this trash at the parking area across from Belmont Avenue. So on Sunday morning I hiked to the area and cleaned up what were the remnants of a styrofoam cooler.

In the process, I collected exhibit #17 in the 2016 Season of the Missing Glove. This is the cycling glove edition.

From the northwest corner parking area near Mirror Lake comes Find of the Week #2. This is almost as bad as the diapers I find.

Find of the Week #3 was 3 contractor bags of trash and a box dumped in the brush surrounding the same parking area.

They were quite heavy. I lugged them over to a location where it appears the City of Meriden is installing curbing. I trust the work crews will cart away the trash bags.

I returned to the parking lot with a trash bag of my own, properly disposed of.

My weekly labor done, I plan to enjoy the rest of the Labor Day holiday, and I and the Special Projects Unit hope you do, too!

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