Sunday, November 27, 2016


Any turkeys spotted today should feel safe. It's over guys; you can come out now.

Visit #1046, Saturday 26 November 16, 9:10-11:30AM, 3.5 miles.
Temps in the 40's, reaching 50. Mostly sunny and breezy.

Visit #1047, Sunday 27 November 16 11:10AM-12:30PM, 1.8 miles.
Temps in the 40's, partly sunny and breezy.

I returned to Hubbard Park this week to clean up some odds and ends I discovered last week but was unable to take care of.

Enroute, I came upon 2016 Season of the Missing Glove Exhibit #21.

I left the parking lot and hiked a clockwise loop of the trails below Castle Craig. I reached my first objective at the walkbridge over I-691.

I found this graffiti last week, written on a surface I'd previously painted over. I thought it was magic marker which would easily have been covered by more spray paint, which I brought with me. But instead, it appeared to be some sort of grease pencil. I could have perhaps more readily removed it with a solvent or cleaner. I sprayed over it anyway and hope the paint doesn't get rejected by the grease pencil.

Also last week, I reported on the tree at the top of the trail that was Colorado'd and was across the trail.

I arrived this week and found someone had swung it away from the trail.

I decided to cut it away just in case itchy fingers move it back. The saw I'm using is not my usual bow saw but still a tree pruning saw, even though it looks like a typical hand saw.

Tension on the tree was working in my favor making for an easy, fast cut.

Not reported last week, I previously found some unsightly graffiti at the Halfway House and planned to spray over it today. But I discovered my spray can was clogged so I was dead in the water.

I'd previously addressed some graffiti on this post when I had some gray paint handy. Today's brown paint would have been perfect, if it worked.

On my return trip to the parking lot, I spied some more graffiti which I thought was recent vintage. I vowed to return on Sunday and address both it and the Halfway House.

First, I dropped off my bag of trash for the week.

On Sunday I hiked a direct route to the Halfway House to conduct business.

When it dries, it'll lose the sheen.

On the return trip I broke out the coveralls and the can of paint. I guess when all the other graffiti is covered, anything left is bound to stand out.

I learned today that my new backpack, while great for carrying a chainsaw, isn't great for carrying a paint tray and roller, my usual tool kit for large areas like this column. We'll have to adapt.

Speaking of backpacks and chainsaws; next week I get to baptize one with the other. Until then, maintain.

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