Sunday, November 20, 2016

Winter Arrives

It was just cold enough for snow at the higher elevations in Hubbard Park such as West Peak.

Visit #1045, Sunday 20 November 16, 8:40-11:30AM, 5.5 miles.
Temps in the low 40's on the tail end of overnight rain, with raw, high winds.

It was cold and windy; there were only a few hardy souls on the trails today.

I had not been up to West Peak in many weeks and thought it would need some trash cleaning, so that's where I would be headed today.

But first I had to find a parking spot. All entrances to Hubbard Park were blocked off, likely related to the installation of the Christmas lights. Parking was limited to the small lot adjacent to the skate house, and I managed to snag one of the last spots when I arrived.

As soon as I reached the trail head I came upon a surprise just in time for Thanksgiving; the recipe for a Shit Sandwich, written on a paper towel.

I never knew how to make one, until now!

Now my day was complete and I was tempted to go home, but reasoned if I was lucky enough to find this recipe, there were likely more interesting things to be found if I continued. I was right.

I kept finding evidence of a Silly String party. I wasn't invited.

Near the Beehive Fountain, I found this tree across the trail, still attached by its roots. I had been watching this tree for a while as it was beginning to lean and I expected at some point to have to cut it away. I suspect this was the work of the person who has been Colorado-ing all the other trees I've been finding in Hubbard Park. This would be Tree #15. I plan to remove it next week.

I reached West Peak and picked up enough trash to transfer it all to a 30 gallon bag. I walked the road and trails back down to lower elevations.

I had recently had a conversation with a friend about a tree in Hubbard Park which fell several years ago but got hung up in another tree on the opposite side of the trail. There's plenty of room to walk under it but I wonder how long it will stay that way before it drops. I wished I'd carved into the tree the date it fell.

It's definitely not something I want to cut with a chainsaw on my own, or even with assistance.
It's tangled in another tree quite well.

I brought a measuring tape to document its size. It's almost larger in diameter than the length of my chainsaw bar.

Walking the trails down toward Merimere Reservoir, I spied a not particularly well-hidden letterbox at the base of a tree. I've been by this tree a zillion times, and due to the excellent shape of the letterbox, reasoned it must be new.

I opened it up to sign the guestbook and check out the contents.

I love those Welch's Fruit Snacks but what I REALLY love is that 20 dollar bill; it's MINE , baby!

That is, until I discovered it was a fake. So did someone else.

The remainder of the letterbox's contents were neither edible nor negotiable.

I put everything back and turned myself toward the Green Trail, where I continued to find interesting things.

The mouse was literally walking in circles. He was probably hungry and craving a shit sandwich.

I reached Merimere Reservoir and walked the road back to Hubbard Park. Enroute I found these signs discarded in the brook adjacent to the water treatment plant. I hope they weren't from our students at Platt High School...

Back at the park I dropped off my trash for the week.

Tuesday is when the lights in Hubbard Park are scheduled to be turned on. It's quite the spectacle; be there if you can!

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