Sunday, January 22, 2017

Calling The Maytag Repairman!

Global warming? January thaw? Whatever it is, it was warm today, and it brought out the hikers, playscapers, and other enjoyers of Hubbard Park.

Visit #1056, Sunday 22 January 17, 1:05-3:30PM, 4.7 miles.
Temps in the 50's; a ridiculously warm day for January. Clouding up with rain and high winds predicted for Monday.

As Paul Bernier and I walked down from Castle Craig last week, I noticed the downslope side of the trail had trash which needed collecting. But we had already been out long enough, so I left the task of clean up to this week.

That's not all I noticed.

I started at the playscape and hiked my way to the Halfway House and up toward Castle Craig.

It's easier to work DOWN the slope, so I hiked to the high point and worked my down back down, traversing the talus slope and collecting all the discarded bottles, cans, cups, etc.

My vantage point on Sunday.

The other thing I noticed, which I had long forgotten, was this:

This abandoned washing machine has been in the woods of Hubbard Park for at least 20 years. I'd long assumed it would be too much work to move. That is, until today.

When Paul and I saw it last week, we had talked of making a joint effort of removing it. Many hands make light work; I wanted to see how difficult it would be as a one-man job.

First order of business was to remove the concrete counterweight to lighten my burden.

I'd brought a couple tools of destruction for my job, not knowing what I'd encounter. The hammer was a good choice. Fifteen minutes of beating on it, and the block was liberated from the washing machine.

Next came the fun part; dragging it through the woods. I wrapped my comealong strap through it, and would drag it about 100 feet, then walk back to fetch my bag of trash, and repeat. Eventually I reached the Yellow Trail, and found the smooth surface easier than the rocks, branches and leaves off-trail. So how far was it from its place of rest to the trail, you ask? It was easily 1000 feet. Have YOU ever dragged a washing machine 1000+ feet through the woods? I didn't think so.

I placed it to the side of the Main Trail so the Meriden Parks Department could reach it with a pickup truck. I wonder who will have had the tougher job; me dragging the washing machine through the woods,  the poor guys who  heft it into a truck, or the Maytag repairman who fixes it? I briefly checked it out. Looks like all it needs is a new switch...

I scribbled a note on the washing machine so no one would think it was dumped there. I added a little shameless self-promotion. After all that work, I think I deserved it.

Back at the park, I dropped off my trash for the week.

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