Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trust But Verify

Saturday was not a day for amateurs in Hubbard Park. Mine was the only car in the parking lot. 

Saturday 7 January 17, 11:30AM-1:30PM, 4.5 miles.
Temps in the 20's with a 5" snowfall predicted.

Last week I measured the distance of a hike a friend had previously taken in Hubbard Park, to satisfy their curiosity. But that distance was inaccurate because of all the wandering to and fro while collecting litter.

With snow falling Saturday, I didn't expect to find much litter. With less zig-zagging as a result, I could re-hike the same route and gain a more accurate tally of the distance.

I hiked last week's route in reverse and as a consequence, had a biting winter wind from the north, not to mention snowfall, in my face.

Merimere Reservoir is not completely frozen.

The Christmas tree at Echo Point is still decorated. Due to the harsh winter weather, I'll leave it alone until the end of January before I strip it of ornaments. Hopefully the decorators will undress the tree before then.

Once I left the open area and hiked up the tree-lined road, I was completely sheltered from the wind and it was much more comfortable.

I didn't expect to perform any trimming but brought my trail tools anyway. Good thing I did so.

Out came my loppers and I gave the road a haircut.

Castle Craig is still closed for the Holiday. I was hoping to take some scenic shots during the snowstorm.

The hike up the road was slippery UNTIL I donned my Kahtoola Microspikes. Then it became (pun intended) a walk in the park.

With my sure-footed MICROspikes on, the trails were safe to walk on.

I reached the Halfway House where I found the only litter of the day, then turned toward the trails to Merimere Reservoir and back to the parking lot, where I dropped off my massive trash haul for the week. I also found a discarded pet poop bag, in which I deposited my trash for the week.

I end this week's post with my annual announcement: If you want to be removed from my e-mail distribution list, feel free to let me know or you'll be stuck with me for another year. You sure you can handle that?!

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