Sunday, February 12, 2017

Double Dump

I wasn't the only one who didn't mind the weather. Some people know fun can be found in Hubbard Park even in the midst of snow.

Visit #1059, Sunday 11 February 17, 8:15-9:45AM, 2.8 miles.
Temps in the 20's, snowing with 4" forecast, changing to freezing rain.

You'd think with 10" of snow dumped in Meriden on Thursday and another 4" expected today, that I would just stay home and not bother with  my weekly duties in Hubbard Park.

Wrong. If I'm not in search of litter, I can still enjoy a decent hike. So I grabbed my snowshoes and set out before driving became too dicey.

Tracks in the snow on the walkbridge over I-691. Nice to see others people getting out there even if walking was a slog. I only saw one other set of snowshoe tracks.

The beehive fountain reliably streams water, even in the coldest conditions.

The trampled path to the Halfway House.

While I knew I wouldn't find any litter on the trails, I decided I would police the parking lot before I left, as I saw some trash when I arrived.

While I can't remember the man's name, I've met a person who walks the road around Merimere Reservoir and carries a plastic grocery bag with him. On the outbound leg of his walk, if  he spies any litter he'll place it roadside. He'll pick it up on his return leg. I'm guessing that's his bag of trash as he probably dropped it off while walking laps within the plowed roads in Hubbard Park.

I hope I was right because I picked up the bag of trash and threw it away!

And I was not to be denied my own bounty. I didn't find it all in the same location, so I don't think there's a story here.

Afternoon rain showers are forecast for Wednesday, but I think it will leave enough snow to put on the 'shoes next weekend, too. Don't wait until then to experience winter in Hubbard Park; get out there!

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