Sunday, February 19, 2017

Man on Fire II

I was on fire today; enough to melt the ice on Merimere Reservoir.

Visit #1060, Sunday 19 February 17, 8:25-10:45AM, 3.9 miles.
Temps in the high 30's, rising to 50 today, mostly sunny.

As I was driving west on I-691 to Hubbard Park I spotted something which prompted me to drastically alter today's plans, so much so that I turned around and drove back home, where I retrieved the proper tools, then returned to the park. Last time I was a Man on Fire was August, 2013.

What irked me so much was this:

Last week I walked across the bridge and the black, white, and blue flags (yes; there was one on the eastbound and westbound lanes) weren't there. So what do they represent? Read HERE.

I'm all for supporting our police (I myself was a police officer in the Air Force), but I won't let someone co-opt public property to promote their private cause-especially Hubbard Park. So I removed both flags.

To compound the irk, whoever hung the flags was SO proud to fly them but couldn't care less where they left the cut ends of the tyraps they used.

Same deal on the westbound lane, including the tyraps.

I've removed other banners promoting private causes too, so don't think I'm singling out one group.

June 2012

September 2012

Okay; after I had unwadded my panties and calmed down, I continued on.

My route lead me up to the road from West/East Peak, which I walked down back to the park.

My original plans prior to my flag diversion were to check on the flow of water from the brook which feeds Merimere Reservoir. A friend was curious whether we had enough snow to replenish the reservoir to pre-drought levels and I decided to see what's up. I think there will be greater water flow once the ground thaws.

These Canadian geese didn't seem to mind the ice nor the cold water, doing their version of a penguin plunge.

On the way back to the park I noticed a few sections of road where last week's high winds had either dropped trees or branches. The sections were cleared by others.

It was also during my return trip to the park that I chanced upon my Find of the Week. I don't think I'll get use out of it for the remainder of this winter, but I can count on it for next year.

Back at the park I dropped off my trash for the week.

The time wasted for the trip home to fetch tools to cut the flags down had to be addressed. In the past I've needed similar tools for short-notice work in Hubbard Park and was empty handed. Today was the day I did something about it. So on the way home I stopped at the store and equipped myself for the future.

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