Saturday, March 4, 2017

Cold x2

Yeah; it LOOKED warm, but don't kid yourself. It was cold in more ways than one.

Visit #1062, Saturday 4 March 17, 12:35-3:10PM, 4.6 miles.
Temps in the 20's with windchills in the single digits. Mostly sunny.

Not only was it colder than the undertaker's smile, I myself had a cold. One of those "I want to stay in bed" type colds. Runny/stuffy nose, puffy eyes, the works. But I couldn't disappoint my legions of fans who hang on my every word once a week.

Due to the late season snow-free ground, and cold conditions, I chose this week to perform my annual clean up of the slope below Castle Craig. People toss their litter over the parapet wall thinking if they don't see it, it must not exist. Oh; it still exists, alright.

But I had to get there to begin. I made my way via the trails to the road roughly 1/4 mile from Castle Craig. Along the way, the Blue Trail comes close to the road then turns hard right. As I passed this point, I discovered this fallen tree:

Considering last week's high winds and reports of power outages, I was wondering whether I'd find something.

I reached Castle Craig then worked my way to the slopes below the castle; it's much easier traversing the slope from top to bottom picking up trash. Traction isn't that great clawing your way up slope.

Here was my vantage point.

Among the bottles and cans I found this child's jacket. It's in good enough condition that I'll wash it and donate it to Goodwill.

I also found the tail section of missing Malaysia Airways Flight 370. No wonder they can't find the plane; they keep looking in the ocean...

As I worked my way toward the trail, I spied some trash caught in a thorn bush. As I cut the thorns back to access the junk, I realized I was removing the protection some shrewd bird had used around their nest. Boy; do I feel like a bad man!

I sulked away.

Down below, I found another fallen tree. I will remove both next week.

Back at the park, I deposited my trash for the week. Considering the amount of trash I collected from the slope below Castle Craig, I'd say my annual clean ups are making a difference because each year I collect fewer bags. It's a good thing to see.

Afterwards, I headed home so chicken soup could work its magic.


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