Sunday, January 28, 2018

Wise Decisions

It was humorous watching the flock of geese follow that family like they were a collective Pied Piper. I'd follow them too, if they were feeding me. But I don't live on bread alone.

And yes; it's "flock", not "gaggle". For this week's interesting tidbit, read about the difference between the two terms HERE.

I know you were hoping to read about Round 3 with the tree up at West Peak, but I was on-call this week and made the wise decision, as I do MOST OF THE TIME, to stick close to the park in case I needed to leave on short notice for a service call.

As for that tree well, let's just say I've got a trick up my sleeve to make fast work of my adversary. Stay tuned for next week's post to find out if I can finally whup that tree, and how I plan to pull it off.

I parked at the playscape and followed the trails west and over the I-691 walkbridge. Over on the the far side of the bridge, I stepped beyond the fence surrounding both sides to pick up litter.

Directly opposite that fence entrance, someone painted a shoddy arrow on a tree.

Unsightly, despite the good intentions of the painter. I removed it with a wire brush.

Yes; that's a nail my brush is hanging on. No idea how long or why it's there. This tree was struck by lightning several years ago and is obviously dead.

I turned around at this point and followed other trails back to the park. Enroute I cleaned up the gravel parking area in the northwest corner of Mirror Lake.

I then turned my attention to the triangle of road around the Soap Box Derby track and the retention ponds.

As I walked the road toward the gate, my work phone rang, which meant a service call and time to leave. So my decision to stick close to the parking lot today was a wise one.

As I approached the gate, which is closed to vehicles for the season... (the following pictures were taken Sunday, when it wasn't quite as sunny or warm).

...I watched two men on motorcycles try and squeeze their bikes through the pedestrian gate.

I just stood there from 30 feet away and watched these two, who were inconsiderate of the fact the road was closed for the season AND there were people on the road enjoying the weather, and the lack of cars. Not a wise decision on their part.

Well, the first rider took umbrage at my presence and gave me his toughest "You got a problem?" I didn't say anything but got the middle finger from him anyway.

Fortunately, the bollard design did its job, and he couldn't fit his motorcycle through the gate. They turned around and left.

I returned to the parking lot and dropped off my bag of litter for the week.

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