Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Stock Market Tip

Visit #942, Saturday 21 March 15, 10:00-11:05AM, 2.7 miles.
Temps in the low 30's with a steady snowfall, tapering. 3-5" accumulation.

Pete's free stock tip of the week-invest in a snowshoe company.

For the gazillionth time this winter, we've had a substantial snowfall. What makes Saturday's snow even more noteworthy is it's lateness in the season. Heck; IT'S SPRINGTIME-WHAT'S WITH THE SNOW?! I swear; if I use my snowshoes one more time this season, they might as well become an appendage.

The timing and strength of this storm was good; just enough snow to reduce road traffic yet leave the roads passable so I could drive to Hubbard Park, and enough snow to make hiking an exercise in solitude.

Severely high winds passed through the area on Tuesday and Wednesday. My goal on Saturday was to canvas the trails looking for downed limbs and trees.

I hiked a clockwise route and found my first and only significant find of the day.

This trail terminates at West Main Street across from Belmont Avenue. That fallen branch is nothing major and easy to walk around. I'll remove it with a saw in the upcoming weeks.

Late season water flowing off the mountain trickles out of the beehive fountain aka, The Virgin Mary, insisting that warmer temps are coming. Sure...

Shortly after passing The Virgin Mary my phone rang-I was on-call, otherwise I wouldn't have a phone with me. I had to skeedaddle to service a customer in Madison, so my plan to inspect all the trails was scuttled.

Enroute back to the park, I encountered mostly small branches which had fallen from the high winds. I'll inspect the remainder of the trails next week.

Too bad I had to leave so soon; the conditions were idyllic.

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