Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Spotted My First "Robin" of Spring

While Hubbard Park is still covered in snow, I was assured spring was coming because I spotted my first "robin" today.

Visit #941, Sunday 15 March 15, 9:05AM-12:00PM, 7.4 miles.
Temps in the low 40's, cloudy with increasing winds, drying up after an overnight rain.

The trails are still under wet snow and I didn't feel like getting my feet soaked, so I chose to walk the road to both Castle Craig and West Peak, and I'd pick up trash along the roadsides as I traveled. Since the road is now clear after a full winter, I expected there to be a lot of trash as walkers begin to take to the road.

Most of the trash I found was the usual stuff, but when I found THIS, I could help but be reminded that seeing a robin is considered a sign of spring. Except MY "robin" wasn't the bird-

It's a sure sign of spring in Hubbard Park! Moving right along...

Snow melt is being channeled by the Maloney Canal into Merimere Reservoir with vigor.

As I planned, I walked the road up to both East and West Peak. While I didn't spot any more "robins" I did collect more trash which unfortunately is another sign of spring. I then turned around and retraced my route back to Hubbard Park.

On the return leg a pleasant thing happened. A Meriden Water Department truck drove by me and the driver stopped and offered to take my bag of trash. I declined, figuring I'd find trash I missed on the outward bound leg. Then the driver offered that I leave my bag at the gate to the water treatment plant, where he would dispose of it. While the trash bag wasn't so heavy as to be a burden, I took him up on the offer as a social gesture. Thanks to whoever it was for their kindness.

Will you spot your own "first robin of spring" this week? Will it look like mine?!

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