Sunday, March 29, 2015

Post-High Wind Inspection, Part II

Visit #943, Sunday 29 March 15, 4:50-7:05PM, 5.7 miles.
Temps in the low 40's, sunny.

This week I wanted to inspect for fallen branches on trails that I was unable to cover during last week's session.

First, I had to remove the tree which I discovered that same week.

Here it is when I found it, as seen in last week's blog entry:

When I approached it on Sunday, it appeared someone made an attempt to open the trail by snapping off a portion of the tree.

I brought the right tool for the job.

Presto! The trail is back in business.

I didn't find much else in the way of wind damage. I did however, spot my "second robin of spring":

Spring has also brought the return of ATVs to Hubbard Park. Where were they when there was REAL snow on the ground? Poseurs!

My clockwise loop lead me to Merimere Reservoir, where I walked the road to the north end and back, picking up trash in addition to what I found on the trails.

I leave you this week with a few cartoons from last week's Non-Sequitor, to remind you of the winter we had.




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