Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter Deep

Meriden finally had snow that'll stay around a while.

Visit #1000, Saturday 6 February 16, 7:05-9:05AM, 5.0 miles.
Temps in the teens, mostly sunny.

Friday's daytime snowfall ensured there would be mostly pristine, unbroken trails in Hubbard Park. Time to break out the snowshoes.

Not one to shirk my duties, I hiked directly up the steep slope adjacent to the Soap Box Derby track and headed straight to the Halfway House. I certainly wasn't going to find any trash on the trails due to the snow so if it were to found anywhere, it would be inside the Halfway House. The least I could do is tidy things up.

I bagged a handful of items and continued on to Castle Craig.

I snowshoed over to West Peak.

The gates to the microwave tower have had their locks cut and the gates are open. Makes it tempting to climb the tower and check out the view. I wonder how many people have done so.

The view from West Peak is not so bad and doesn't require any tower climbing.

My return trip took me to Merimere Reservoir.

Thanks to Chris Bourdon, Assistant Parks Director for the City of Meriden. Last week I reported the lock at the south end of Merimere Reservoir had been cut. Chris e-mailed me to say the lock had been replaced. Good job.

Weather reports call for more snow on Monday/Tuesday. Next week may include even better snowshoeing conditions. Get out there if you can.

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