Sunday, June 5, 2016

Little Things Maintenance

Mr. Bumblebee approves of the new lock at the Merimere Reservoir gate.

Visit #1017, Saturday 4 June 16, 5:45-7:50PM, 4.7 miles.
Temps in the 80's, humid and clouding up in advance of Sunday's forecast rain.

After the last couple weeks' big ticket projects, I got a break and some down time where I could attend to some detail work on the trails.

I hiked a counterclockwise loop of the lower trails, starting at the Soap Box Derby Track.

I didn't walk more than a hundred feet when I scored a  "freebie":

But nearby I found an opened condom wrapper.

What bothers me is finding both items so close to areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic. I hope this isn't a trend or a general change in human behavior. This is a park, not the backseat of a car.

Onward to the trail behind the water tank to address some foliage which was encroaching into the trail.

I trimmed the branches back with a pair of loppers and generally pruned this section of trail.

On to the Main Trail where I found more encroachment.

Next on the list was some graffiti at the Halfway House which I'd long forgotten about. I didn't cover all of it; maybe next week.

Just a few yards away on the  Main Trail was my next small project, this hanging vine.


Further on, I came upon another possible troubling trend like the condom wrappers.

I started finding bent trees on the trail side like the one above, as far back as October 2012.

Here are just a few more obvious examples:

October 2012:

May 2015:

August 2015:

This is being done deliberately and maliciously.

I found another bent tree later on. I plan on removing both next week.

I returned to the park and dropped off my trash for the week.


  1. Hi Peter, I stumbled across your blog. Thank you for keeping the park clean. I'm usually up on the west escarpment picking up trash. Have you seen the mountain man camp yet?

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I've heard rumors about an encampment in Hubbard Park but have not bothered to look for it. If I find it, you can be sure you'll read about it here!