Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sprayuz From Mehridun

Visit #1018, Friday 10 June 16, 3:05-5:30PM, 3.7 miles.
Temps in the 70's, sunny.

Since the recent vandalism at Castle Craig, I noticed a lot of spray painted and otherwise applied graffiti at the Halfway House as well. Last week I was pressed for time and lacking enough paint to adequately cover it, so this week I would be better prepared, have more time, and pick up where I left off.

I noticed that hiking in Hubbard Park on a weekday, during working hours, is a decidedly more relaxed, uncrowded atmosphere. There's a definite difference compared to the "weekenders".

I started at the parking lot and hiked virtually the same route I did last week, picking up trash and trimming the trail where necessary.

When I reached the Halfway House I got down to business. Here are a bunch of Before and After photos.

Note the reference here to "PAINT HUFFAZ". Yo; I guezz after huffinz all that paint theyz can no longer spellz rite, knowz whats I'm sayin'? Hence the title of today's post.

My spray paint applies glossy but dries to a flat finish and matches really well. Next time I do this, I'll paint over that gray with the brown paint.

I wasn't shooting for perfection here (no pun intended) but at least a decent effort.

I also noticed, referencing this photo from last week, the mention of "420". It's slang for smoking marijuana.

Onward I went, to cut away the two trees which I found last week deliberately bent over.

Number One.

And Number Two.

I returned to the park with very little trash which I presume was because I hiked roughly the same route just last week.

Until next week, maintain.

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