Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pre-Halloween Fun

Fall colors are peak in Hubbard Park right now. This early morning photo doesn't do it justice.

Visit #1042, Sunday 30 October 16, 7:30-9:00AM, 3.0 miles.
Temps in the low 50's, rising to the 60's, with rapid clouding and rain forecast for the afternoon.

I stuck close to the park this week because I was on-call.

Considering the cold mornings we've been having lately, Sunday dawned just downright balmy and sunny; perfect for hiking.

In last week's post, I found a heavy winter coat and promised to have it dry cleaned then donated to Goodwill. I made good on my promise.

But at fifteen bucks a pop for dry cleaning, I hope I don't continue to find winter coats on the trails; I'll go broke!

I picked up trash on all the trails on the south side of I-691. At one point I found a hub cap so I had to switch to a larger trash bag to accommodate it. I then returned to the park and more colorful foliage.

After covering the trails I walked a loop around the Soap Box Derby track and the retention pond, picking up trash on the roadside.

This week I dropped my trash bag off at the Parks Department maintenance facility because I also found a traffic cone which I'm told was used on Saturday for a running race. Someone tossed the traffic cone over the fence. I retrieved it and left it in front of the dumpster, where I imagine eventually it will find a proper home.

Actually, I should have kept the traffic cone. It would have made a great Halloween costume. If only I could fit inside it...

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