Sunday, October 23, 2016


Miner's Island on a raw, rainy Saturday. Meriden is in need of increasing its water supplies and, while the rain is welcome, it's far shy of what's needed to bring us back to parity. City residents were recently asked to conserve water.

Visit @1041, Saturday 22 October 16, 9:15-11:15AM, 4.1 miles.
Temps in the low 60's with a raw rain.

I woke up at 6AM with the intention of riding my bike to the barbershop for an early morning haircut, and avoiding the rain. I checked the forecast before I left the house for the 20 mile round trip and it said "Rain will begin in 112 minutes." On the trip home there was a little drizzle, then it stopped.

And I stopped thinking about the weather. Dumb.

Thanks to Paul Bernier, who joined me today in getting wet while keeping Hubbard Park's trails clean, and not complaining.

I parked the car outside the north end of Hubbard Park and we walked in. We crossed the north end of Merimere Reservoir and picked up the Blue Trail toward Castle Craig. This trail rarely needs any attention for trash or other trail maintenance but I'd felt I'd taken care of all the other trails so well in the recent weeks that I could take a break and hike this trail to enjoy the view, as you see above.

It was barely raining when we reached Castle Craig, intending to walk down the road back to the reservoir and back to my car. In the few minutes it took to walk to the fork in the road to East/West Peak, it began to pour.

We continued to pick up trash as we walked down the road, but we neglected some spots we wouldn't avoid if it were dry; they would have to wait until drier times.

However, I DID take the time to stop and photograph 2016 Season of the Missing Glove Exhibit #20.

I didn't even photograph the bags of trash until Sunday, when it was sunny and dry. Common sense or wussiness; you decide!

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