Sunday, October 2, 2016

The End of The Spoiling

Pigeons outnumbered people in Hubbard Park on a rainy Saturday. This is the first rainy weekend I can remember for this year. We're certainly in need of water but we've been spoiled with dry weather for so long. Well, the party was over this weekend.

Visit #1038, Saturday 1 October 16, 9:40-11:10AM, 2.4 miles.
Temps in the low 60's, with a light, steady rain.

As promised, I planned to work on the graffiti I found last week on the walkbridge over I-691. The rain would make it a mixed blessing; there would be vastly fewer people on the trails so I would less likely be "caught" while removing the graffiti, but the rain would also mean I couldn't take the easy way out and merely spray paint over it.

During last week's work,  I noticed some organization had placed route arrows on the pavement and elsewhere in Hubbard Park. I almost removed them but with background knowledge of the organization and the event, I realized the event had not been held yet and I should give them a chance to benefit from the arrows then assume they would remove them post-event.

Alas, a week goes by and a least one route arrow was a real eyesore.

Bike Walk Connecticut was holding their annual Discover CT Bicycle Tour and it was the 50 mile route which went through Hubbard Park. I removed the arrow above and sent Bike Walk Connecticut an e-mail asking them to please remove their route markers after any event.

Onward, I hiked the trails to the walkbridge and set down to work on the graffiti.

In refining my technique for removing graffiti on the bridge, I bought a sanding block which made work on the large, flat surface much easier. Roughly 15 minutes later...

... it was a good arm and shoulder workout at the same time.

I packed up and turned myself toward the West Main Street end of the trail, across from Belmont Avenue, where I found suspiciously Bent Tree #14.

Lacking anything to cut it with, I would have to leave it for next week.

I picked up trash around the area, then checked the lock on the gate.

While all the parts were in place, the hasp would not lock. I'll notify the Meriden Parks Department and see if they can replace the lock.

On the walk back to the park, I ran into my Find of the Week.

Rare, inland clams. ;-)

I returned to the parking lot and dropped off my trash for the week.

Of course, Bent Tree #14 was bothering me, and I didn't want to return to that spot next week, so I stopped by Hubbard Park on Sunday morning and quickly took care of it with a bow saw.

Until next week, maintain.

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