Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Preparations

This renegade daffodil avoids the company of his 500,000 homies in Hubbard Park, preferring the solitude of the trail instead.

Visit #1007, Saturday 26 March 16, 4:00-7:00PM, 5.8 miles.
Temps in the low 50's, partly sunny.

Every year the Meriden YMCA holds an Easter sunrise service at Castle Craig. Or at least I think they do; I haven't seen advertising for the event in many years. I thought I'd do a nice deed and clean up the area around Castle Craig on Saturday, assuming the service was on.

Only now, in writing this blog entry, did I bother to confirm that sure enough, the event was scheduled for 6:41AM, Easter morning. Good, then my work wasn't wasted.

I walked from the park to the trail behind the water tank, then up toward the Halfway House, picking up trash as I went.

Guess who is at it again, pushing this dead tree over to block the trail? Now I've got my work assignment for next week.

I reached Castle Craig and tidied up the area, then walked the road to West Peak. I cleaned up that parking area as well, and left a bag of trash for the Meriden Parks Department to pick up later.

In the process I came across my Find of the Week.

I must have passed by this hunk of metal a thousand times. Wonder what it belonged to, as I didn't find it near the parking lot but on a trail. It definitely has the patina of age.

I left West Peak and descended via the Blue Trail. The trail is as steep as it looks.

Back at the parking lot, I dropped off my second bag of trash.

Tune in next week as that log goes bye-bye.

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