Sunday, March 20, 2016

Short and Sweet

I wasn't feeling particularly scenic on Saturday, so there's no introductory photo.

Visit #1006, Saturday 19 March 16, 10:35-11:50AM, 2.9 miles.
Temps in the 50's, sunny with a chilly wind.

I was on-call so I didn't stray far from my van. I managed to have a highly productive session despite the minimal time spent and distance traveled. Besides, after spending the last 3 weeks cleaning up storm damage, I looked forward to a break.

I picked up trash on all the trails south of I-691, and I used my trail tools to prune back those pesky thorn bushes which waste no time reaching into the trails once the sun decides to come back around.

The Season of the Missing Glove isn't over yet. Here is entry #10, as I found it.

I hiked all the way to the trail end at West Main Street across from Belmont Avenue, then turned around. On the return trip, I cleaned up the small dirt parking area in the northwest corner of the park, the walked over to the Soap Box Derby track, and looped around to the other gate.

In the process, I came upon my Find of the Week, this note which I can only guess belongs to either a Letterbox or a Geocache. How it got separated is a mystery. A little sleuthing on the interwebs and I learned what "FTF" means!

Back at the park I was able to drop off my trash bag at the cans inside the playscape, which have conveniently returned for the season. Rips in my trash bag were from those pesky thorn bushes mentioned earlier.

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