Monday, March 7, 2016

Storm Damage Assessment, Week II

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go.

Visit #1004, Saturday 5 March 16, 1150AM-2PM, 5.6 miles.
Temps just reaching 40, sunny.

Last week's assessment of trail damage after high winds and rain, was incomplete. I needed to inspect the trails higher up, and north of Castle Craig. To expedite the process and make more efficient use of my time, I asked a frequent hiker in Hubbard Park if they would hike the trails I hadn't touched yet and give me a report on where I could find downed trees and limbs. They eagerly complied and thus my route for Saturday was set without any guesswork.

My thanks to Paul Bernier who assisted me. Without him to help move the limbs and trees after I cut them, as well as being official photographer, I might still be out there.

We parked out beyond the closed  north entrance to Hubbard Park and crossed the north end of Merimere Reservoir, immediately picking up the Red Dot trail. Thus our work began, and there was plenty of it. 

Mostly what follow are Before and After photos.

The first tree.

Here was a PAIR of trees which fell across the same spot on the trail.

Don't worry; I turned around and removed this tree.

At this point we reached the road 1/4 mile shy of Castle Craig, then walked the Blue Trail down and headed a couple hundred feet on the Blue Trail toward West Peak. I cut down the cluster of small trees you see hanging over the trail. They were bending low and once the leaves appeared, the would hang even lower.

You can also see the stump behind me of another dead tree trunk I removed which was leaning over the trail.

Onward to the trail leading up to Castle Craig. This trail sees a lot of traffic; removing this tree was a must. Note the hikers in the background.

No sooner did I finish when some hikers came along to test my work for clearance.

Paul and I hiked up, then took the Blue Trail along the western ridge of Merimere Reservoir, clearing even more fallen trees and branches.

Both the tree above and this bent tree below were removed.

I removed this dead fallen hemlock.

Throughout  the day we did not neglect our trash pickup duties.

And, I'd like to point out the Season of the Missing Glove, while it should be waning, still has some fruit on the trees. This is #9 in this season's series.

I returned to Hubbard Park on Sunday, riding my mountain bike, to check on the only trail not inspected after the storms. There's more work to be done. Details next week.

Thanks for reading.

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