Saturday, March 12, 2016

Storm Damage Assessment, Week III

The sun sets on Castle Craig after a wonderful 60 degree March day.

Visit #1005, Saturday 12 March 16, 2:35-6:05PM, 7.3 miles.
Temps in the low 60's, sunny and breezy.

This was to be my last session cleaning up the wind damage across the trails that occurred roughly 4 weeks ago.

I followed the Soap Box Derby Track to the trails, the Halfway House, and up to Castle Craig. Due to the warming temperatures of the last few weeks, it was obvious to me the trails are getting some heavy use because of the amount of trash I collected. By the time I reached the castle I had to leave a bag for later pick up by the Meriden Parks Department, and start another bag.

With today's schedule and waning daylight, I didn't have time to clean up the surrounding area. I immediately pointed myself down the road, taking a slight detour onto a trail.

Last week I found some graffiti I had not seen before, which was obviously associated with other work I painted over in October 2015. This week I carried a can of spray paint to cover it up.

The brown dries flat, and will blend in better once dried.

I returned to the road and walked toward West Peak, picking up the remaining trail to be cleared of storm damage.

First, in December 2015 I found this hemlock had fallen across the trail. I cut it up and rolled away the pieces.

My nemesis Len couldn't keep his sticky fingers away from it and, during a ride on the trail last Sunday, I discovered he blocked the trail by reinserting the pieces into the gap.

No "after" photos, but this time I rolled them farther away from Mr. Sticky Fingers' temptation.

Now down to the main reason for today's work.


Number Two.

Number Three.

Number Four.

Number Five. There's a trail in there somewhere.

Number Six. No After photo.

My first Find of the Week, a small wheel hub cover.

Number Seven.

Number Eight. No chainsaw needed to remove this.

Number Nine.

That was the last of what I would find on the trails. I returned to the road just at the bottom of the hill, and walked asphalt all the way back to the park.

Shortly after hitting the pavement, I was reminded of some long forgotten graffiti I mostly ignored. With my can of spray paint on hand, I took the opportunity to cover it.

Here again, give it a chance to dry and it will look more discreet. If not, I'll revisit and try something else.

I crossed over the north end of Merimere Reservoir, rounded the corner and came upon a fallen tree which, while not blocking the road, was jutting into it enough to annoy me.

I was reluctant to fire up the chainsaw again as I was rapidly losing daylight but I wisely seized the opportunity and took care of it.

I finished as you see it below, but the long piece on the left suspended in air didn't look right, so I doubled back after a few feet and dropped it to the ground. I tossed the other pieces off the roadway.

Most of the remaining walk on the road was uneventful until just past the water treatment plant, where I found this burned ceramic power line insulator at the base of the power pole. Find of the Week Number Two.

I returned to the park at dusk and dropped off my second bag of trash.

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