Sunday, October 29, 2017

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Visit #1104, Saturday 28 October 17, 9:45AM-12:10PM, 5.4 miles.
Temps in the low 70's, sunny.

After being cut short on my trash collecting duties last week, I decided to return to West Peak to pick up the litter I left uncollected.

Thanks to Paul Bernier, who joined me in keeping the trails, and Hubbard Park, clean.

We hiked from the playscape, over I-691 and via the Blue Trail directly up to West Peak. We split up and scoured the area for trash, then policed the parking lot, where Paul scored a freebie:

Paul and I managed to fill on bag of trash and left it at the parking lot for later pickup.

We followed the road from West Peak to the fork to East/West Peak, where a posted sign directed runners in an event, in the right direction.

Lord knows they needed that sign because, the official sign pointing to each peak that had JUST BEEN INSTALLED IN SEPTEMBER...

...was stolen. Look closely and you can see the base of the bent post.

When it was initially installed I thought, "Nice job. They used a post tall enough so no one could reach the sign to steal it. Well, I guess that wasn't enough. Can't wait to see v2.0 and whether it's more vandal resistant.

Paul and I walked down the road which was surprisingly empty considering it was almost an hour after opening time for the gate. We enjoyed the quiet, and the foliage, as we descended the road.

We also found a hemlock tree which had fallen but doesn't quite extend into the road. It's enough of an eyesore that I may return and cut it up.

Bonus: The road will be closed to vehicular traffic for the season as of this coming Saturday. I hope people take advantage of the car-free road before it gets too cold.

As Paul and I reached Merimere Reservoir, we met a man who was filling up water jugs with runoff from a stream which feeds the reservoir. Paul was pressed for time so I couldn't talk to the man and get more details, but he told me through his European accent that be he's been doing this for 26 years!
No wonder the reservoir has been low!

He doesn't filter the water but boils it before use. He runs the clear tubing to a spot in the stream whre the water trickles and waits downstream for the jugs to fill.

Reminds me of when I was a kid, and before I-691 split Hubbard Park, there were springs on the north side of Mirror Lake where you could get fresh water from a pipe.

We walked the road back to the park and cleaned up both sides as we went, dropping off our bags at the trash bin when we were done.

Remember; the road is closed beginning November 1st, so enjoy it while the weather permits.

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